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Autumn Equinox Workshop 

Saturday 22nd September 2018, 9.30-1pm Yoga Rooms, 5 Forth St.  £30  Book here

Autumn Equinox is when day and night are equal and the darkness is about to tip the balance in its favour. It’s a time to recognise all we’ve achieved this year and harvest the fruits of our work. A time to practice gratitude for the abundance in our lives and the beauty around us.

Join us to welcome the autumn with open arms.

Our yoga practice will be based on the story of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess, who represents beauty and abundance. As we flow though our practice, you’ll be able to embody her energy, experiencing the inner and outer qualities you have to appreciate the beauty in your life.

We’ll spend some time before yoga reflecting on our year so far and setting intentions for the rest of the year to come. Gratitude is a practice to develop joy in our lives and at this time of year, as the summer wanes, we can use this special time to appreciate all the beauty we have in our lives that will sustain us through the dark winter months.

Some feedback from people who attended our previous seasonal workshops:
“I absolutely LOVED today! Thank you so much, both of you. I thought the day was really cohesive, balanced and balancing. A total joy!”

“The workshop was just what I needed, it had a great impact on me and over these few days since I have kept returning to it and I really look forward to the next one.”

Read about how the practice of living intentionally and running these workshops has influenced me here.

New Moon Yoga and Intention Setting Monthly Workshops

7th October,  6-7.30pm, Santosa, 21 Albert St, £15. Book here.

The beginning of a new cycle of the moon is a naturally reflective time and coming together in a group brings support and power to this practice.

We’ll open with a little info on lunar astrology and explain the energy of this particular new moon. We’ll then flow into our yoga practice, designed specially to help you experience this emotional energy for yourself and discover what it means for you. The final half hour will be spent setting our intentions for the next four weeks. It’s part of a process of living with more awareness and intention, cultivating the ways we’d like our life to develop.

I run this workshop with Sara who has run new moon circles in the past.  If you’ve never been to anything like this before we would love for you to attend. And don’t worry – we’re not massive hippies! Just two women who have found that this practice of living intentionally has been beneficial in our own lives, who would love to share this with others.

Sivananda Yoga Masterclasses

3rd November 2018, 10-12noon at Santosa on Albert St, £15. Book here

The Sivananda practice is a set sequence of yoga.  It is a beautifully designed sequence which leaves you feeling balanced and calm.  It doesn’t flow in the same way as our regular classes and involves more relaxation between postures giving us more time to pause and experience.  Practicing a set sequence can be really rewarding as it helps you see changes in your body and practice since you last did the sequence and practiced particular poses.  It’s a fairly slow practice which is done mindfully.  Read a blog I wrote for Santosa on the Sivananda practice here.


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