All workshops are now online via Zoom, and can be booked here.  (Simply choose the date of the workshop you are interested in on the booking page.)

Autumn Equinox Workshop
Wednesday 22nd Sept 2021, 7-8.30pm, £15

The long summer evenings are fading. On the evening of Wednesday 22nd, darkness will tip the balance in its favour and we’ll move into the autumn. Join me at that exact time to mark this moment and take stock of all you have in your life to sustain and nourish you through the dark season to come.  

Autumn is the time of harvest – it’s the time when we gather in and note all we have and all that will sustain us through winter. It’s a time of abundance; a time to celebrate how much we have and all the joy in our lives. 

We’ll begin our session with a yoga practice themed around recognising and opening to the abundance in our lives, probably bringing in Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance who we met her in one of our storytelling workshops last year. 

We’ll spend the final half hour journaling, noting to ourselves all we have in our lives and all that we are grateful for. Finally, we’ll close our celebration by lighting a candle each to guide ourselves and the world through the darkness to come. 

Please bring:  

  • your yoga mat
  • a notebook and pen for journaling
  • a candle
  • an open heart

This workshop is included in the “dedicated yogi” monthly pass, or can be booked separately for £15. 

Sivananda Yoga Masterclass

Next date TBC, Saturday, 10am-12noon, £15, online via Zoom.

The Sivananda practice is a set sequence of hatha yoga (meaning we practice the same poses in the same order each time).  We start in savasana, then practice two breathing exercises, sun salutations, and 12 different asanas followed by a long guided relaxation.  The focus is on moving with awareness and breathing deeply. This practice aims to stretch and strengthen, moving the spine in all directions as well as moving the different energies in the body so that you feel balanced by the end – both energised and calm.

Practicing a set sequence can be really rewarding as it helps you see changes in your body and practice since you last did the sequence and practiced particular poses.

Below is a speeded up video of the whole sequence so that you can see what it involves. And here’s a blog I wrote for Santosa on the Sivananda practice here.

Sivananda sequence speeded up to only three minutes

If you have any questions about any of these workshops I’ll be happy to hear from you. Please email me on

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