Deep Calm Relaxation Series

Recently, I discovered Michael Mosley’s podcast series “Deep Calm” on BBC Sounds. It’s only five short episodes but each one goes into how to create a state of relaxation. Most of the techniques will be familiar to anyone who has practiced a little bit of yoga though it’s always good to have positive things reinforced and to hear again how best to relax. The series considers what we know to be true from a scientific perspective about how to relax.

Since so many of the techniques come from the yogic tradition, I thought I’d put together a little series of relaxations you can listen to to help you reach that state of deep calm. After the sad and shocking news of Micheal’s untimely death in Greece, I wondered if I should still publish the series. In the end, I decided that the best way to remember someone is by continuing their legacy. He obviously thought relaxation was a topic worth exploring and making a mini-series about, and so do I. So I share these with you in the hope you might benefit from them and find a little calm in your life.

If you’d like more info about each technique or to download each one individually, click the hyperlink on the name of the recording below. The relaxation recordings are available as a bundle below for £5. If you would like to download them for free please download each one individually.

The series contains four recordings:

There’s no one “best” way to relax. There are many ways to relax and different methods work best for different people. So, this series contains a few different options and you can continue with whichever one(s) you prefer. If you find deep breathing effective, I’d encourage you to try this daily for a month and observe any differences in your stress levels. It’s amazing what deep breathing can do.

They are available for free, or, if you have the resources and would like to, you can make a small donation.