COVID guidelines for studio classes

I’m so excited to get back to the studio after not seeing you all in person for nearly six months! But to make sure we do that safely and following all the government guidelines please familiarise yourself with the way things will now be done at Santosa. There’s also a video showing you some of these changes.

  1. Firstly, the obvious – please do not come to Santosa if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. A list of symptoms can be found here.
  2. You must book into class (using the regular booking system). Unfortunately you can no longer drop into class without booking.
  3. Please santise your hands when you arrive and before you leave, and wear a mask in the upstairs part of the building. There are sanitisers throughout the cafe, shop and in the downstairs sanctuary.
  4. Santosa must now collect your name and contact details as part of the track and trace system. Go to the front desk to either sign in or scan the QR code. Your details are kept for three weeks and then deleted.
  5. Please wait upstairs in the chairs at the back, observing social distancing rules. I will come up and collect you and bring everyone down to the studio together. This is to avoid us crossing paths with people using the therapy rooms.
  6. There are now no changing facilities available. Please arrive ready to do yoga. Remove your shoes upstairs.
  7. Please take all your belongings into the studio with you.
  8. In the studio, there will be markings in the floor that will show you where to place your mat so that we are all 2m apart from each other. Next to each space will be an ottoman into which you can place your belongings.
  9. No equipment will be available to borrow in the studio. You must bring your own mat and any other props you may want such as a blanket.
  10. The studio is sanitised (using a special sanitiser spray) before and after each class.
  11. We all have to leave the studio together, so when the class is finished and everyone is ready we’ll all go upstairs together.
  12. The toilets will be separated: one toilet will be for therapists and their clients, and the other for people using the studio. Please do not queue for the toilets.

That’s it folks! But if I missed anything or you have questions just drop me a message: